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Cybercriminals commonly abuse trusted brands in spam emails to trick recipients into clicking malicious links, opening malicious attachments, or responding to email addresses used for cybercrime. These brand abuse email lures exploit trust in your brands to distribute malware, build botnets, or carry out 419 scams.

Brand abuse email lure attacks tarnish your reputation, diminishing your brand and reducing the effectiveness of your legitimate online communications and marketing efforts. Brand abuse email lure campaigns can also place significant stress on customer support operations due to spikes in call center traffic and customer complaints.

Brand Abuse Lure Protection

Cybercrime Threat Intelligence

Every day, cybercriminals launch thousands of attacks targeting businesses and their customers.
To enable these attacks, they use hacked websites or unscrupulous service providers to host malicious content such as phishing sites, malware, 419 scams, etc.

PhishLabs offers threat intelligence data containing malicious website URLs that have been detected and verified using proprietary automated methods and expert analysis. Targeted organizations can use this intelligence to block access to attack sites and add context to their security analytics, improving attack detection and preventing compromise.

Service providers and hosting companies can use this intelligence to detect malicious content hosted in their networks and data centers. Additionally, security vendors can integrate this data to enhance the protection delivered by their products and services.

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