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Crimeware is utilized by cybercriminals to take over online accounts used for banking, shopping, gaming and other activities, in turn enabling the theft of billions of dollars every year. Today’s crimeware is professionally-developed and sold in thriving underground markets, giving even novice cybercriminals the ability to attack businesses and their customers, harvest user credentials, hijack accounts and steal funds.

To prevent this theft, businesses commonly implement fraud detection controls to make it more difficult to execute fraudulent transactions. While these measures are useful, cybercriminals are quick to develop new malware functionality and launch new attacks that evade fraud controls.

Crimeware Protection

Rogue Mobile App Protection

Online app stores are filled with mobile applications for gaming, mobile banking, shopping, social media and other uses. With more than 40,000 new mobile applications released every month, rogue mobile applications are an increasingly attractive attack vector for cybercriminals to carry out online fraud and distribute malware.

To entice mobile users, rogue mobile apps may use your brand or imply your approval. This abuse not only tarnishes your brand, it also distracts customers from your official mobile apps and dilutes their value.

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