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Phishing is a predominant attack method used by cybercriminals to steal account data and carry out online fraud. Supported by a thriving underground ecosystem, cybercriminals can easily stage, launch and profit from phishing attacks targeting businesses and their customers.

Traditional approaches to defending against phishing attacks focus on shutting down the web page. This stops the immediate attack, but does little to stop the cybercriminal. With vulnerable websites and hosting providers readily available, it is easy for a cybercriminal to stage a new phishing page and continue launching attack after attack.

Phishing Protection

Vishing Protection

Vishing Protection, or VoIP phishing, exploits the trust customers have in telephone communications and is used to steal personal and financial information. Once stolen, this information is used to takeover accounts and carry out fraud. In addition to losses due to fraud, vishing attacks also increase your customer support costs, damage your brand and erode customer trust.

Vishing attacks are difficult to detect and stop in time to prevent harm. Most businesses find out about vishing attacks long after their customers received and fell victim to automated vishing calls — if they find out about the attacks at all.

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